Vendo Instrumentos Musicales · $7000

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c.1999 One-Owner All Wood Action Sostenuto Pedal Padded Duet Bench With Storage Free Onsite Piano Tuning w/ Purchase Free Normal Local Delivery 5-Year Limited Warranty 5-Year Full Trade-Up We are a large musical instrument trading company, who enjoyed good reputation for many years.all brand new models of Musical instrument such as Saxophone,Drum Set,Trumpet,Keyboard,Guitar,Digital Piano,and many more at very cheap price with complete accessories. We can offer you a reasonable competitive prices!!!! **Note : Contact us if you want the price and more details about the instrument..we also offer you so much discount on the Piano..The Paino's are cheap. Contact Name: Henry Gustavo Email: [email protected] Gmail: [email protected] WHATSAPP: +1(403) 618-3970
  • Operacion: Vendo
  • Categoría: Instrumentos Musicales
  • Provincia: Salta
  • Localidad: Urundel
  • Precio: 7000
  • Metodo de Venta: Tradicional
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