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FIRST STEP TRANSLATIONS is pleased to confirm that after careful consideration, We, ("the Company") have ("has") decided to extend to you an offer of employment. The details of our offer are as follows: Your position with the Company is detailed below and you will be expected to perform the following job duties: The Translation of documents, proofreading, editing, formatting, typesetting, as well as other activities while there are no projects assigned and you are working for the company, which may include advertising, publicity, writing, typing activities and/or research of the market in the area of expertise, plus contributing to new ideas to the company. You may also be required to interpret over the phone if there are no other assignments to be done during the day to maximize your collaboration in the company. This is a full-time position performed from home (Argentina) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.A. Your compensation is a flat monthly fee consisting of $800 (US dollars) payable every fifteen days, i.e. bi-weekly after a thorough review of compliance with the tasks and schedule. There will be a bonus for Christmas and a bonus for production and compliance. There are plenty of possibilities of going up the career ladder as to salary is referred. This is a renewable agreement by and between the parties which shall commence on the first of each month during a 6-month period, meaning it can be terminated by either of the parties with no less than 7 days in advance. Even though this is a freelance position, you will be in contact with us full time through a long-distance software and a dedicated phone. Make sure this is the right place for you because, in spite of the fact we are highly demanding and you might not be ready for that, growth is guaranteed in our company.
  • Operación: Necesito
  • Sueldo Ofrecido / Pretendido: 800
  • Provincia: Buenos Aires
  • Localidad: Olavarría
  • Modalidad de contratación: Full Time
  • Requisitos: You must be fluent in English and Spanish and hold either a Bachelor's Degree in English as a Sworn Translator or as a Technical, Literary, and Scientific Translator. You must be willing to work hard in a first-class company where quality is a must and compliance with objectives is compulsory. You must be on duty probably on the days your country is celebrating a holiday, meaning you will have to adapt to the American system.
  • Enviar CV / Contactarse a:: [email protected]
  • Objetivo / Comentarios: When replying back to our proposal, don't forget to write the following in the subject of your email: FREELANCE FULL-TIME PROPOSAL. This way we will make sure the email is addressed in a timely manner.
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